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Cruiser SUP Crossover Air 11'6" Double Layer Inflatable w/Wheeled Back Pack

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Cruiser SUP Crossover Air 11'6" Double Layer Inflatable w/Wheeled Back Pack

The Dura-Air 11'6" offers ease of use, performance and fun for everyone! With ample width, the Dura-Air 11'6" is very stable for riders up to 280 lbs in flat water, river paddling, surf, or for SUP Yoga. The Dura-Air 11'6" is the ideal board for larger riders, or lighter riders who want extra stability to allow for young kids or pets to ride along on the extended deck pad.

The Dura-Air 11'6" features Cruiser SUP exclusive double skin construction which allows for maximum stiffness and durability. The Dura-Air 11'6" comes with fin, pump, Premium deck pad, 3 Piece Alloy Adjustable Paddle, as well as Cruiser SUP's Deluxe Wheeled Back Pack.

Enjoy a cruise in flat water, paddle with one of your kids on the front, or just enjoy knowing that you have a versatile board that anyone up to 280 lbs can find easy and enjoyable. A great board to share with friends!

Description Image

Technical Specifications

Cruiser SUP Crossover Air 11'6" Double Layer Inflatable w/Wheeled Back Pack

Length: 10'2" 10'8" 11'6"
Volume: N/A N/A N/A
Width: 32" 33.5" 33"
Thickness: 4" 6" 6"
Weight: *(+/- 10%)
(Double Skin Construction)
24.5 lbs 26.5 lbs 30 lbs
Fin Type: Center: 9"
Side: 2
Side: 2
Side: 2
Warranty: 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Weight Range: (lbs)
Beginner: Up to 180 Up to 230 Up to 280
Advanced: Up to 235 Up to 280 Up to 320

Board Construction

Dura-Air 11'6" Inflatable

V-Drop Stitch Material
Construction Image

The Dura-Air construction features V-Drop Stitch Material, which is a durable PVC. On the inside, thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the bottom of the board to keep it in a functional and performing shape. Utilizing the best drop-stitch material available on the market, this newly developed technology provides a perfect ratio of durability, weight and price.

Built using specially produced, high density drop stitch that makes for a stronger and stiffer core. Take a look on the outside of a Cruiser SUP Dura-Air board and you will see thousands of dimples spread from nose to tail and rail to rail. Each dimple represents an internal thread. We do not use Linear drop stitch which is a mass produced, cheap material that cannot hold high pressure. Linear boards can be identified by the straight lines of dimples on the board.

All our boards are made with the latest PVC Drop stitch fabrics. The fabric filaments between the two PVC layers surfaces are assembled to the PVC itself, by new Cruiser SUP Dura-Air Technology. Offering the best bond between the fabric filaments and the PVC surface layers; this secures a high stress durability over a long time frame. These special new Cruiser SUP Dura-Air fabrics are the only fabrics that have been tested to be able to withstand up to 43 psi inflation pressure and can be normally used with an average of 15 to 20 psi inflating pressure. Higher pressure means stiffer boards, that can hold their original shape at all times, thus preventing shape deformation, and thereby delivering better performance in all conditions.

In addition to these special drop stitch fabrics, the boards are heat laminated with an extra Heavy Duty full layer PVC woven marine grade fabric on the deck and bottom, so that the Dura-AIr boards are both strong and durable, prevent the shape "twisting" and maintain the rocker line, as originally designed.

Cruiser SUP Dura-Air Technology
- Heavy Duty, Full Double Layer Technology from world's most renowned manufacturer
- Unmatched 15 to 20psi air pressure / stiffness due to quality materials and manufacturing process
- Most modern inflatable board manufacturer
- Removable fin with zero tools needed
- Premium quality crocodile texture deck pad, carry handles, and deck bungee tie downs
- Cruiser SUP AIR 20psi pump - Industry leading Bravo pump for top quality

Cruiser SUP Crossover Air 11'6" Double Layer Inflatable w/Wheeled Back Pack Features

Product Feature Image 1

Premium Crocodile Skin Deck Pad

High quality, plush EVA foam coverage for a soft, comfortable touch. With 4.5mm non-slip 'crocodile" texture EVA foam, it is extremely comfortable for cruising and yoga.

Product Feature Image 2

Bungee System

Carry along anything you want from water bottle to PFD. 4 attachment points in front of the pad, and 2 on the tail allow you to take a long whatever you want.

Product Feature Image 3

2+1 Fin Set Up

Comes standard with a removable center box fin and 2 small fins for better performance and tracking in the surf and flat water.

Product Feature Image 4

Wheeled Back Pack & Dual Action HD Pump

Easy transport and storage of your board, paddle and pump with the Cruiser SUP Wheeled Back pack.
Dual action HD pump is a great way to inflate your board, with all up and down strokes forcing air into your board. Also use the pump to deflate for storage.


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First Paddleboard purchase

Before this purchase, I had never even been on an SUP. This was sort of a risky investment, but I couldn't be more pleased! The board is super stable - even for a beginner on a semi-rough lake with 2 eight-year-old passengers! The bag that was included is PERFECT for transporting down steep trails. I love this SUP and I'm looking forward to many more seasons of use!

Cady L.


So much fun. Aired up super easier with electric charger and power inverter. Finished it off with the hand pump. Kids loved it and a great workout. Very happy with this purchase and love that it folds up for storage. Might be my new favorite water toy over my kayak

Colton M.


We love the Cruiser SUP and just bought a second. It performs very well and is good quality. We take it on the lake and are looking forward to its many adventures in the water, both lakes and rivers in Colorado. Paddle is a little heavy and might recommend upgrading to the lighter paddle. Also, filling it up is a literal breeze. We bought the adapter for an air compressor which we own but can also convert a gas station air compressor. We then just strap the inflated boards to the roof of our jeep. Make sure you're inflating to the recommended PSI which is very difficult for myself, a 5'2" female and my female friends. Under inflation will make the ride more challenging and it's hard to get there pumping solo.


Good Solid Board

Board is solid and stiff. I originally was a bit concerned with the 33 1/2" width but is creates stability without adding too much drag. Bought this board for my wife who is 5'4" 135lbs and she can control it no problem. Nice board for a family as it stays stiff even with 2 people on it. I weigh 150lbs at 5'10" and the 2 of us can ride on the board together no problem. If your looking for speed, I might go with something different, but a awesome all around yoga/family setup.


Awesome inflatable board!

Just received my Cruiser SUP AIR V-Max and Koa inflatable boards. The difference between the Cruiser Koa AIR and my previous inflatable board is huge. My new Cruiser SUP inflatable boards are much more stable. Can't believe how light and well built they are! You can't even compare the stiffness of the two brands - the Cruiser inflatable is much closer to the stiffness of an epoxy board. I used to have a bad impression of inflatable boards based on my previous inflatable. I'm very happy with my new Koa AIR. I hope to have great fun using it in different places and conditions with all my family!