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Stand Up Paddle Board Fails

Everyone who stand up paddle boards, or does any board sport has taken their share of crashes, spills, or made a few technique fails along the way. Some big, some minor, but it is just a fact of life and it happens to even the best of us. However, some stand up paddle board crashes and fails are a little more impressive than others


#1 Coming in Hot.

Everyone has gotten licked by the shore break, but this guy takes it to another level.


"Takin this one in." #kneeboardthething #comininhot #SUP4lyfe via @makeezy14

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#2 Almost nailed it

He had this, right up until the very end.




 #3 Pitted

Full credit for staying calm and just getting eaten by the wave. Wonder how the GoPro footage from the paddle-cam turned out?


Pitted! Totally pitted! #🤙🏽 #supfail

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 #4 I've Got This

  Doomed from the start, but, it was a really big drop so you have to give him credit for trying





#5 Fails even happen in Paradise

Just because you are in Tahiti, doesn't mean that you are fail proof.



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